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ISIIS-DPI:  3 standard sizes | Multiple use-cases

Made for the field


Robust assembly

or the Lab

Our Benchtop Imager is a versatile shadowgraph with the same optical properties as the ISIIS-DPI field instruments. It is not only a great tool for education but it is being used by many to quickly build images data-set from freshly captured taxa during campaigns. These data-sets are an essential component used in image analysis and recognition algorythms.


Benchtop Imager

The benchtop imager is based on 125mm diameter plano-convex lenses. Our 3D printed inserts allows the use of smaller lenses of 75mm or 50mm diameters for higher resolution imaging. The cost of the system is kept low when using inexpensive rolling-shutter USB-3 cameras and leveraging from the free Basler Pylon Viewer application for real-time streaming and recording. 

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