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ISIIS-DPI Deployment Methods

The ISIIS-DPI shadowgraph imaging system resolve fine-scale distributions of meso- and macro- zooplanktons such as larval fish and gelatinous zooplankton requiring large volumes sampling to describe their distribution. They have been used on heavy towed vehicles, deployed from research vessels as well as compact stand-alone hand-held systems or towed bodies vehicles and profilers. They can also be deployed autonomously with a Bellamare SIDEKICK data logger.

credit: WHOI (Stingray ISIIS Sled)



A data & power tether provides a link to surface where you can view and record images on your laptop.

Autonomous deployments


Our SIDEKICK Data Handler is able to connect to the ISIIS-DPI and up to another 4 serial instruments of your choice (such as a CTD, Optode, Fluorometer and PAR sensor). More information about the SIDEKICK data handler can be found here. SIDEKICK is a versatile data handler able to be fully autonomous  or interfaced to your system via a TCP connection. The SIDEKCIK requires an external power source.

Towed Vehicles


Bellamare has over 20 years experience designing and delivering towed vehicles made specifically for survey using ISIIS-DPI imagers. Our favorite vehicles are passive towed sleds for their simplicity and ruggedness. All vehicles provides real-time viewing, logging and display of the onboard sensors. More info can be found here.

Video of the deployment of a Towed ISIIS-DPI

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